What To Expect When You Attend a Compass Support Group

Meeting others with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) can be a lifeline in your journey through this stage of parenthood.  Many moms say that being with others that understood helped take away the loneliness and helped them to feel a little less out of control.  But it isn't easy to try something new, especially when you are feeling down, sleep-deprived and generally drained.  If you're not sure about coming to a support group meeting, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.  We hope they help.


What happens at a support group meeting?

The meeting is casual and usually small in size.  Everyone introduces themselves and, if comfortable, tells a little of her story.  Women often find similar concerns and share ideas.  The focus of the group is on healing, acceptance, and maintaining or starting good self care habits.

Who is invited to the meeting?

Whether you are pregnant or have recently welcomed an new little one into your family, if you are feeling the effects of depression and/or anxiety then this meeting is for you.  You do not need to have any formal diagnosis from your medical provider.  If you are unsure about attending, please text or call our Warm Line or email us to have a chat with one of our volunteers.  We always want to have the opportunity to assure you that you are welcome to attend the group.

I can't take anyone else's sadness right now. Are the meetings sad?

The sharing of feelings and experiences can mean tears and sadness, however laughter and healing are also present as moms tell their stories.  Most women attend a support group looking for hope and encouragement.  Many say they feel energized after a meeting, not sadder.

Will I have to talk about my experience?

No one in the group is pushed to talk.  Some moms prefer to listen rather than talk,  But remember, your experience and insight are valuable and could help someone else in the room.

When does the support group meet?

We currently offer 2 weekly and 2 biweekly support groups in Salem and McMinnville. To stay up to date with group happenings visit the Compass Perinatal Peer Support Facebook Page.  If we ever need to cancel the group one week (which is very rare) we will make an announcement on the Facebook page.

I'm still not sure if I can get myself there...

It's ok-you're not alone.  If you need reassurance or encouragement, please feel free to call or text our Warm Line and a facilitator will call you back to answer any of your questions.  Also, there is no pressure to arrive on-time.  You are welcome to join us when you can get there and leave whenever you need to.